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Subway rep2
Subway rep
Portrayed by: James M. Connor
First appearance: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"
Last appearance: "Basic Story"
Occupation: Subway representative
Reason for visit: replace subway Corpohummannoid, Convert Greendale into a Sandwich University

These two are clearly in love...if they want to express that love in a perfectly healthy way...okay, hold this what I think it is? That got unhealthy real quick.
— Subway rep listening to Britta and Subway fornicating, "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"

Subway rep
Subway rep portrayed by James M. Connor
Subway rep is a representative of the Subway sandwich company. One of his roles in the company is to oversee Subway's workforce of "Corpohummanoids", indentured servants who have given up their identity to become living advertisements for the Subway of life. When Greendale is bought out by the corporation, the Subway rep oversees the campus transformation into a Sandwich University. His first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Digital Exploration of Interior Design". He is portrayed by actor James M. Connor.


Season ThreeEdit

In the study group's third year at Greendale, a Subway sandwich shop opens in the cafeteria taking the place of the old coffee shop. A problem occurs when the "Corpohummanoid" sent to represent the company gets involved in a scandal. The Subway rep is sent to then sent to the school to deal with the problem . In Dean Pelton's office, he listens to a secret recording provided by Pierce Hawthorne and Shirley Bennett. It details an illicit liaison between "Subway" and Britta Perry. At first the Subway rep has no problem with what happened even encouraging his employee to follow his heart. His opinion changes though when he hears an indecent sex act being performed. The rep is offended by it and states such an act is unacceptable for a Subway employee.

He chastises "Subway" for his actions saying he should know better and calls him by his real name Rick. On a hidden mic the Subway rep says the code phrase saying "The bread is stale". Two men in black burst into the room and immediately take "Rick" away. However, the Subway rep finds himself in an embarrassing predicament. He had an involuntary priapic response to the recording he just listened to. Unable to stand without giving this away, he asked for someone to hand him his jacket so he could leave. Pelton and the rest were confused by his behavior and didn't comply unaware he needed it to cover up his unintended reaction. The Subway rep then decided to pretend like he was still upset what happened and remained seated until the swelling subsided ("Digital Exploration of Interior Design").

Season FiveEdit

Coming soon!


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