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The Changlourious Basterds
Portrayed by Various
Changlorious bastards
First seen Contemporary Impressionists
Occupation Security force
At Greendale to... ...Chang the world

"Gentlemen, who's ready to Chang the world?"--Sgt. Ben Chang


Needing more personnel to assist him at his security guard job at Greendale Community College, Sgt. Ben Chang recruits a group of kids to form his security force. They are given the nickname "The Changlourious Basterds" after the Quentin Tarantino movie "Inglourious Basterds". Under Chang's leadership, they soon establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. They first appear in the Season Three episode "Contemporary Impressionists" were featured in Pillows and Blankets", and are scheduled to make more appearances in the rest of the season.


In "Contemporary Impressionists" Dean Pelton admonishes Chang for his overzealous actions as a security guard, which involved a tranquillizer dart gun and ended in a broken window in the study room. Chang makes the case that he has to resort to extreme measures because he's all by himself. He then complains to Dean Pelton about his lack of manpower to keep the campus of Greendale safe. Pelton concedes and allows him to ask for volunteers from the student body. Despite his best efforts at recruitment, nobody at school is interested.

Recruitment drive
Recruitment drive
When his brother, Rabbi Chang, sets him up to provide security for a Bar Mitzvah, he comes up with a solution to his problem. After easily impressing a few of the children attending the party, he decides to try and recruit them for his security team. It is made clear that he has ambitions beyond just a new security force when he notices a deejay at the party bearing a striking resemblance to Dean Pelton. It's suggested that he is planning on staging a coup and taking over Greendale for himself. Chang is later shown addressing his new army in the end tag of the episode.

Chang meets his new security force
Any of you fine young gentlemen interested in a college credit?
In "Pillows and Blankets" Chang and his followers participate in the war between Troy and Abed. In the ongoing struggle between Troy's "Blanketsburg" group and Abed's "Pillow Town" group, Troy asks for Chang and his recruits to lend assistance to his efforts after he learns about a new weapon Abed has. According to Annie and Leonard, they become a terrifying threat on the battlefield, raiding Pillow Town and maliciously attacking its residents. They even start collecting mattress tags as trophies and wearing them as necklaces as reminders of their "kills." They are effective in turning the tide of battle, but they reach a stumbling block when Abed launches his WMD. Enter Pillow Man, a suit of armor made up of pillows and worn by Pierce. He intervenes when the Changlourious Basterds are attacking a Pillow Town resident. Surprised by their new opponent, the power of Pillow Man is too overwhelming for the Basterds, and they are forced to retreat. In their subsequent confrontation at the conflict's final battle, however, the Basterds get their revenge and use teamwork to take down their hated rival with extreme force.

The Changlorious Basterds preparing for war
The Changlourious Basterds preparing for war
They next appear in "Course Listing Unavailable". Chang demands even more authoritative power from Dean Pelton but is refused. When the students attending Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne's memorial service in the cafeteria start to get unruly due to the study group's anti-Greendale rhetoric, Chang again asks Pelton for permission to take extreme measures to contain the situation. Pelton reluctantly agrees and signs a document granting Chang's earlier request. Chang then mobilizes his security force, and they head toward the cafeteria equipped with riot gear. Instead of calming the situation down, however, they end up making things worse by attacking the students with pepper spray and exacerbating the riot they were called in to prevent. Afterwards, the study group, now known as "The Greendale Seven," are brought before the Greendale board of directors to explain why the riot happened. An attempt to pin the blame on Chang and the Changlourious Basterds proves futile when it's revealed that Chang has ingratiated himself to the board. On top of that, he has replaced their only ally Dean Pelton with Faux-by who tells the board to expel them. The board ends up doing just that, leaving Chang and his security force in complete control over Greendale.

The Changlorious Basterds arrive
The Basterds arrive

In the next episode, "Curriculum Unavailable", Chang and his security force have settled into Dean Pelton's office. It is there that he receives a call from his accomplice "Dr. Heidi" who tells him that he failed to throw the Greendale Seven off his tracks; they are now aware that he kidnapped the Dean. Chang proposes to his men that they move to phase two of the plan. When asked by one of his stooges what that is, he admits he has no idea and asks them all for advice. It is then that one of the Basterds, Megan, offers him a cocktail which he happily accepts. Later in the episode "First Chang Dynasty", Chang is throwing an elaborate birthday party for himself at the Greendale campus. Having a suspicion that the Greendale Seven are up to something, he tightens security but is unaware that Troy was able to get a rundown of those plans from his inside connection Murray at Greendale.


Chang has recruited an army of preteen security interns while moonlighting at a local Bar Mitzvah. They were later nicknamed the Changlourious Basterds. Like Inglourious Basterds, but with 'Chang' instead of 'in'.Narrator, Pillows and Blankets

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