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     The Greendale Gooffaws  
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He likes gay jokesLinda
I said we write great jokes!Linda

When Pierce finds himself unable to be make decent jokes about a movie he Troy, Abed, Shirley and Chang are watching, he hires the Greendale sketch comedy troupe, officially known as the Greendale Gooffaws, to help him out. Their first appearance together as a group is in the Season One episode "Romantic Expressionism". From then on, they appear separately and sporadically in minor and supporting roles. They are portrayed by Dan Eckman as Derrick, Meggie MacFadden as Linda Greene , D.C. Pierson as Mark Millot, and Dominic Dierkes as Buzz.

The groupEdit

Derrick ComedyEdit

Derrick comedy

In real life, all four actors are founding members of Derrick Comedy, an actual college sketch comedy group that Donald Glover was also a part of when he attended New York University. They produced a number of short skits on YouTube including the infamous "Bro Rape" video which has over 9 million views. Under the name Derrick Comedy, they sketch group also produced and starred in the 2009 comedy "Mystery Team".


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