Reverse Porky's

The Politics of Human Sexuality
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Director: Anthony Russo — Writer: Hilary WinstonAired: December 3, 2009 —Season: One — Number: Eleven
Summary: Annie helps the Dean put on a STD Fair but doesn't want to demonstrate how to put on a condom. Meanwhile, Jeff goes on a double date with Pierce, and Troy and Abed compete to see who is the better athlete.


Annie and Dean Pelton are outside the cafeteria handing out flyers for the school's STD fair. Abed manages to toss a crumpled up flyer into the garbage can after Troy fails to. Troy's competitive side comes out, and he challenges Abed to a basketball game. Britta and Jeff head towards the cafeteria, ignoring Annie and Pelton attempts to tell them about the STD fair. Jeff soon becomes interested when he sees that Pelton has an attractive new secretary named Sabrina. He invites her to join him and Britta for breakfast, but it turns out the cafeteria is shut down until they finish the preparations for the fair. Sabrina and the Dean leave as Jeff reads off a horribly worded message he got from a fortune cookie Annie was handing out.

STD fair
Greendale's STD Fair.
Later, in the study room, Pierce and Jeff are the first ones to show up for the meeting. Pierce wants him to meet his new girlfriend, but Jeff isn't interested. When the rest of the study group arrives, they respond with more enthusiasm at Pierce's news until they find out that she is an escort. Pierce claims Jeff doesn't want to double date because he is unable to find a date on short notice. Though he tries to act nonchalant, Jeff immediately goes through his list of female acquaintances but is unable to convince one to meet him. Britta points out that his failure is due to his shallow view towards women.

Community 1x11 The Politics of Human Sexuality.avi 000213255
"Don't eat the crab dip!"
For her help in organizing the STD Fair, Dean Pelton tells Annie she will be demonstrating how to apply a condom for the whole crowd. Annie tells Shirley and Britta she has never seen a penis but doesn't want anyone to know. They decide to break into the Dean's office, so she can practice on the demonstration unit. However, they are caught by security, and after a long inquiry in the office, Annie discovers that she is comfortable with her sexual repression.

1x11-Annie Britta Shirley Busted
Reverse Porky's.
As the fair is "heating up" due to the widespread consumption of alcohol, Jeff is embarrassed when Pierce sees him without a date, so he quickly hooks up with Sabrina, Dean Pelton's new secretary. Jeff immediately shows off to Pierce who, in turn, introduces his 'date', Doreen. Jeff is as impressed with Doreen's composure and sophistication as he is turned off by Sabrina's immaturity and lack of intelligence. He realizes that he is more interested in a relationship with women than just sex.

Meanwhile, Troy is increasingly frustrated by his inability to best Abed at any sort of physical competition until Abed lets Troy beat him in a footrace. When the Dean discovers that printing words on all the condoms for the STD Fair causes them to leak, he asks Troy, as the school's best athlete, to run to the office to make an announcement warning the students. Troy admits that Abed is a better athlete and friend. Abed races to the office and advises the students to not use condoms if they have sex.

AKA Britta.

End tagEdit

Abed reads from a Life Science textbook to Troy, who has fallen asleep on the study room sofa. Abed tucks him in and turns out the light. As he leaves, Troy asks for a glass of water.

Recurring themesEdit


  • A sweet ride: Jeff and Sabrina make out in his Lexus.
  • Middle Eastern Magic 8 ball: As Abed warns about the defective condoms on the PA, a couple in the background hears him and throws away the condom they are holding. This is possibly the same couple Abed helps to deliver a baby nine months later in the Season Two episode "The Psychology of Letting Go".

Running gags:Edit

  • My other half: Troy says that Abed is difficult to guard in basketball because his "eyes are too gentle and mysterious."
  • WWBJD: Shirley tells Annie to be proud of being a virgin.
  • Biggest laugh of the night: Pierce spills Doreen's "STD-ini" on the floor while sitting down.
  • Nice outfit: Dean Pelton wears a STD Fair T-shirt without changing out of his dress shirt and tie.
  • Attention students!: Abed uses the school's PA to warn everybody about the defective condoms.

Meta references:Edit

  • IRL: Annie's account of intercourse with her high-school boyfriend is strikingly similar to an incident from Alison Brie's college days.

Pop culture references:Edit

  • Shout out:
    • Shirley mentions Harvey Keitel in an unsavory light.
    • Jeff casually tells Sabrina that he listens to Jay-Z.
  • Name that tune:
    • "Whistle for the Choir" by The Fratellis is heard during the conversation between Jeff and Pierce towards the end of the episode, and when Jeff changes his contact "Hot Blonde Spanish Class" to "Britta" on his phone.
    • Annie had relations with her high school boyfriend while listening to Madonna's Erotica.
  • IMDB:
    • When Troy wants to armwrestle, Abed channels Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top, mimicking the backwards hat and trademark finger roll of Stallone's character.
    • Both Officer Cackowski and Dean Pelton use the term "reverse Porky's" when the trio of Annie, Britta and Shirley attempt to break into the Dean's Office.
    • Doreen comments on Sabrina's youth: "She thinks that Monty Python is the evil snake from Harry Potter."


Sabrina is my new secretary.Dean Pelton
'Secretary' is a little degrading to women. I help the Dean do office-y things.Sabrina
Oh, gender saved.Britta
You know the toilets in the women's bathrooms don't have seats, right?Britta
Because they keep getting stolen. Sabrina, take a note: I want hidden cameras in every stall.Dean Pelton
Problem solved.Britta
This is a lot of outgoing calls: Car Wash Redhead, Tube Top R.E.M. Concert, Juror #6--that sounds above board--at least you have Mommy in here.Britta
That's not my mom.Jeff
Dude, not cool.Britta
I am not a unicorn. I had relations with my high school boyfriend. We did it to Madonna's Erotica on the floor of his walk-in closet, but he wouldn't let me look at 'it'. He cried after. And during. He's gay now.Annie
I think he was gay then.Britta
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11. "The Politics of Human Sexuality"
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