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The Sun Chamber

  The Sun Chamber  
First appearance: "Introduction to Finality" — Owned by: The Greendale A/C school — Used by: Troy and Murray
Purpose: to be a place where two men enter and one man leaves— Made by: Unknown, possibly Barter Town

Well, boys and girls, I hope you brought your popsicles because it's about to get SCALDING HOT IN THE SUN CHAMBER! You already know the rules..BECAUSE THERE AREN'T ANY!!!

As described by Vice Dean Laybourne to Troy, The Sun Chamber represents a shameful relic from a savage chapter in A/C repair history. Two men would enter the chamber for a duel to prove who the better repairman was. The chamber itself is divided into two separate rooms, each installed with a broken air conditioner. The temperature of the chamber steadily increases, and in order to survive, both contestants must quickly fix their broken units or succumb to heat exhaustion or worse. It was first introduced in the Season Three finale "Introduction to Finality".


Vice Dean Robert Laybourne finally manages to get Troy enrolled in the A/C Repair School, but notices how unenthusiastic he is about it. He interrupts one of Troy's classes and has him join him in a special area of the school where there are historical artifacts from A/C repair history; among those items, The Sun Chamber is prominently displayed. Laybourne briefly mentions the chamber's notorious place in A/C repair history, noting that such brutal methods of competition are thankfully a thing of the past. He then tells Troy about a prophecy written in the sacred texts in the A/C Repair Manual. It is said that "The Truest Repairman" will arrive and fix not only air conditioners but the men who fix air conditioners. Troy refuses to believe it, but Laybourne insists that it's Troy's destiny.

ITF The Truest Repairman
The Truest Repairman
Murray then arrives and tells the vice dean about an urgent flow duct rupture that requires his expertise. Not long afterwards, Troy learns that Laybourne has died due to a freon leak that occurred during the repair. Troy finds Murray to ask him about what happened, finding it hard to believe that a seasoned air conditioning repair veteran like Laybourne would make such a deadly mistake. When he discovers that Murray is now in control of the A/C repair school and soon to take over as Vice Dean, he becomes suspicious. Murray is agitated by Troy's questions and releases him from his commitment to the school, ordering him to leave immediately. Troy is about to depart when a sudden blast of cold air and a portrait of Laybourne inspires him to find out the truth.

Troy interrupts Murray's coronation as the head of the A/C school, proclaiming his status as "The Truest Repairman". He challenges Murray to compete inside the Sun Chamber. The entire school gathers to witness the competition as a colorful introduction to the event is made by Dennis, who is then replaced by another A/C student named Russo. He explains they will be locked inside two separate rooms housed within the chamber. Broken air conditioning units are located inside the separate rooms, in which they must try to fix the broken A/C units as the temperature of the Sun Chamber increases. The competition starts and Murray races to repair his A/C unit before the heat becomes unbearable.

Troy VS Murray
Two men enter...ONE MAN LEAVES!
Troy is in less of a hurry and instead intently stares at Murray. After a few minutes, Troy calmly and quickly fixes his broken AC unit. Murray starts to struggle, frustrated with not only the heat but also the ease with which Troy finished his repairs. In a panic, he threatens Troy and accidentally blurts out a confession. In full view of the A/C student body in attendance, he admits he caused the death of Robert Laybourne. Shocked by his admission, Troy and the audience watch as Murray starts to succumb to heat exhaustion. Although Troy is satisfied he accomplished his goal, he becomes shaken when he looks out at the audience and sees them cheering on Murray's suffering.

Murray in The Sun Chamber
Murray is about to lose.
He then notices what appears to be an apparition of Vice Dean Laybourne's in the background. Upon seeing the ghost smiling back at him, Troy decides to have mercy on Murray. Acting fast, he breaks through the partition separating the two rooms and fixes the other A/C unit. The temperature of the room quickly drops, and Murray is saved. Afterwards, the other students remove Murray from the chamber and demand that he be put inside the "Infinite Labyrinth of Eternal Ice". Troy admonishes them for being weird and tells them to just take Murray to the police since he just confessed to killing someone ("Introduction to Finality").

Take him to the Labyrinth of infinite ice
Take him to the Infinite Labyrinth of Eternal Ice.


The Sun Chamber is a cage split into two rooms, each with an entrance that is locked from the outside. The separate compartments house their own broken air conditioner unit. The contestants must fix it quickly – not just to win, but to survive as the temperature inside the chamber steadily increases. Borosilicate glass is possibly used to withstand the intense heat and provide a clear view of the competitors within the chamber. A display is visible both inside the chamber and outside of it, so that the audience and the competitors are aware of how much the temperature has risen. Although the chamber is touted as being brutal, there is a safety feature installed: a button is placed inside each room for the competitors to press if they decide to give up.



  • The Sun Chamber is a parody of The Thunderdome from the movie "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" the third film in the Mad Max franchise. In the movie, the protagonist Mad Max is forced to compete in a brutal deathmatch inside a large steel cage against a giant known as Blaster for control of Bartertown. Dennis the announcer is also a reference to the movie as he is similar in tone to the character who announced at the Thunderdome.

The Thunderdome
  • When Troy fixed both air conditioners during his faceoff with Murray, the temperature on both sides was steadily decreasing, saving Murray. In reality, because the hot air exhaust output of each air conditioner is pointed into the competitor's compartment, if both air conditioners were working, the temperatures would simply increase in both compartments. 
  • The name itself is an allusion to the English court of law nicknamed the Star Chamber where secret trials of prominent figures were held during the Plantagenet and Tudor dynasties.

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