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Study table

  The study table  
First appearance: PilotOwned by: Greendale Community CollegeUsed by: Study group
Purpose: to have magic that brings people together— Made by: unknown

This table has a...has a sort of magic in it.

You know what's magic about this table? It magically stops our books from falling on the floor.
Jeff and Pierce

The study table is where the study group convenes in Group Study Room F. It has eight chairs and provides an area for the group's daily meetings and study sessions. Although referred to as a single table, it is actually made up of two smaller tables pushed together. Its first appearance was in the Pilot, and it along with the study room have been featured in nearly every episode with the one exception being Season Three's episode "Studies in Modern Movement".


Season OneEdit

In the Pilot, the study group first gathers around the table after being invited to Jeff's fake Spanish study group. In "Investigative Journalism" after Jeff tells Buddy he's not a part of the group, he pulls a hysterical Buddy off of the table and throws him out of the room. In "The Science of Illusion", Annie slams Jeff's head into it, believing he had something to do with an April Fool's prank. In "Modern Warfare", Jeff and Britta consummate their relationship on top of the table. In "Pascal's Triangle Revisited", Abed tries to figure out the perfect farewell to the study room and table at the end of the semester.

  • Jeff meets the rest of the study group
  • Jeff and Britta post coital

Season TwoEdit

In "Cooperative Calligraphy", the study group flips the two tables over and uses them as cover while they strip to their underwear to find Annie's purple pens. In "Intro to Political Science", it's shown that various study group members carve notches into the table. Abed marks whenever Jeff says a "Classic Winger" response, Jeff makes a notch whenever someone mentions his abs, and Troy makes a notch randomly for no real reason. In "Paradigms of Human Memory", the study group is working on a large scale diorama modeled after the study room on top of the study table. In "For A Few Paintballs More", the study group puts the table back together after the battle with City College is resolved.

  • Abed keeps count of Jeff's zingers...
  • Jeff keeps count of anytime someone mentions his abs...
  • Troy keeps a count of the number of times he makes a notch.

Season ThreeEdit

In "Biology 101", Pierce returns to the study group describing the study table as "magic". In the same episode, Jeff hallucinates that the study table is the Monolith from "2001: A Space Odyssey" after being sprayed with monkey gas in the school's air vents. Later, still under the influence of the gas, he takes a fire ax to the table and tries to destroy it.

  • Jeff tries to kill the table with a fire ax.

Season FourEdit

In the Study groups fourth year at Greendale, Jeff has a lot of anxiety over the semester due to his graduating early and returning to his former life as a lawyer. He decides to try and create a reason for him to stay by manipulating Abed. Jeff tosses a Yahtzee die hoping it will cause Abed to regress into obsessing over The Darkest Timeline again. The die lands in between the cracks of the study table without a conclusive number showing. ("Advanced Introduction to Finality").

The roll of the die
Jeff rolls the die again

Season FiveEdit

Several months after the study group graduated and left Greendale, they have an unexpected reunion by at school. Due to Jeff's manipulations they become depressed at how unsuccessful they've become since graduating. After they all sign a class action lawsuit against Greendale for ruining their lives, Abed suggests to the group that they burn the study table. He explains that he'd rather see it destroyed then be used by anyone else. The group agrees and takes the table outside where they douse it with lighter fluid. Right before lighting the match, Jeff has a change of heart about the lawsuit and stops the group. He burns the documents they signed and throws them on the ground. Unfortunately he failed to see the trail of lighter fluid and the study table is set ablaze. Afterwards, the group builds a new study table in shop class ("Repilot"). Later, Abed varnishes the table and engraves it with the name "Table Mk II" ("Introduction to Teaching").

The study table burns
The study table burns
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