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Ultimtimateatomicbuster is a huge Community fan who stumbled onto this wikia back in December of 2011. UAB was saddened to see that a site dedicated to such a great show hadn't been updated in months with very little contributions being made. UAB started editing anonymously before finally creating an official account on January 6, 2012. UAB set out to update all the pages and add additional content as well. Another contributor, named Mr.whoman, contacted UAB and suggested that UAB adopt the wiki since no there hadn't been any active administrators on the site in quite awhile. UAB formally submitted a request to adopt the wiki in February and was made an administrator soon afterwards. The sites founder, Ohmyn0 , saw the work UAB was doing and helped UAB further improve the site adding brand new infoboxes and a new background theme. UAB is proud of all the work done on the site so far but knows that there is still a lot more to do. UAB is also pretty bad at proofreading so any corrections to UAB's write ups are most appreciated.

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To do list for the wikiEdit

On top of episode, character and various other articles I need to finish there are few things I'd like to eventually add to this wiki.

Complete lists:

  • Shut up Leonard jokes
  • Jeff winger speeches

Characters (in no particular order):

  • Gilbert Lawson:Pierce's brother
  • Tiny Pilot: Pierce's drug induced imaginary friend played by Andy Dick
  • Joey: White Abed
  • Jesus: the hitchiker that Britta picked up.
  • Joshua (Changlorious Basterd): Chang's second-in-command
  • Nicole: The dean's receptionist
  • Kim: It can be a man's name too
  • Vinnie: owner of the doppelgang
  • The Hipsters: Gang of grumpy old men
  • Lt. Archwood: Todd's uncle and attorney


  • Library
  • Administrations office
  • Biology lab
  • Antrhopology classroom
  • Spanish classroom
  • Senor Chang's office
  • Professor Duncan's office
  • Dean Pelton's office
  • The Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School Annex
  • Borschatt Hall: the swimming pool
  • Jeff's apartment
  • Abed's dorm room
  • Pillowtown: The rival of Blanketsburg
  • Fluffytown: The original blanket fort
  • Senor Kevin's
  • Hot and Brown: Coffee shop
  • Subway
  • Shirley's Sandwhiches
  • Fort Hawthrone

Items (maybe i'll change the name to school inventory)

  • Chicken fingers
  • Hawthorne wipes
  • Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne
  • Painball guns
  • Paintball pistols
  • Dean Pelton's PA system

Favorite pages I wroteEdit

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