Hola! It's your favorite Spanish Professor, Ben Chang.
Every once in a while, a student will come up to me and ask, "Señor Chang, why do you teach Spanish?"

They say it just like that. "Why do you teach Spanish?"

"Why you? Why not math? Why not photography? Why not martial arts?" I mean, surely, it must be in my nature to instruct you in something that's ancient and secret, like, oh, building a wall that you can see from outer space! Well, I'll tell you why I teach Spanish. It is none of your business, okay? I don't wanna have any conversations about what a mysterious, inscrutable man I am. Oh hee hee hee ! Oh hoo hoo hoo ! I am a Spanish Genius! In español, my nickname is El Tigre Chino! Cause my knowledge will bite her face off! So don't question Señor Chang or you'll get bit. Yah bit! Yah bit!

I've been teaching Spanish classes at Greendale Community College for six years, and I have to say I have met some "Gente Interestente" in that classroom. I appreciate Latin culture. I love salsa dancing and I love salsa eating. Columbian timba and spicy mango are my favoritos, respectively. If you're interested in learning Spanish and thinking about enrollment, come by my office hour
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chang unamused

s and we'll have a sit-chat about it. ¡Muchas gracias!

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