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  • Thejoker2508

    So I know Donald Glover is leaving Community for the fifth season. But what I want to know is, leaving for good. I ask this becuase in every interview I seen where he addresses his departure he never really say if he is returning or not. His most recent on is on the Arsenio Hall Show where he says he left not because he wanted to focus more on rapping (like many have thought). Yeah he is or was working on his album Because the Internet out December 10th. But the interview got me wondering, if he'll return to Community if it's renewed. What do you guys think? Am I over reacting, judge for yourself here. It's not just that he is leaving it seems to me that he is going through something serious.

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  • Thejoker2508

    So with Dan Harmon returning (PRAISE JESUS) and with Chris McKenna returning also. Do you think others who left with Dan Harmon out of solidarity will return such as Dino "Star-Burns" Stamatopoulos? Though with the message he left on his Twitter account addressing Sony and their firing of Dan Harmon

    "F*** Sony. I know that they don't care about me, and I don't love acting, but I'd have done the part again ONLY if my friend wanted me to.

    It my not seem likely he'll return. But who knows maybe while Harmon was in his meeting with Sony he pushed to have Dino return.

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  • Thejoker2508

    Community is coming back for a FIFTH SEASON!!!!!!!! That's right it's no joke Community was renewed for a Fifth season By NBC on May 10, 2013. What do hope for next year. Chang pregressing more into the Study Group or just to see how it is without Chevey Chase?

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  • Thejoker2508

    Did you guys know in the Basic Lupine Urology, aroung 8:22 the door in the background with the Greendale Community College symbol has a woman coming out of it and she wipes hers mouth and then seconds later a man comes out and zips his fly. The best thing about this is No one on the staff not the Cast nor the Crew or even the director of the episode knew about till after the episode aired.

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