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  • Ultimateatomicbuster

    Yesterday morning TV Line reported that Hulu had passed on bringing Community back for another Season. However, later that day another entertainment news source The Wrap contradicted this news by posting an article which stated Hulu was still interested. Both sites mentioned there is another entity besides Hulu interested in picking up the show. The time to finalize any deal is quickly running out since there are only a few days left until the actors contracts expire. There has been no official word yet from either Hulu or Sony.

    TV Line article

    The Wrap article

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  • Ultimateatomicbuster reports that Hulu is in preliminary talks to pick up Community for a possible sixth season. The talks are in the very early stages at this point so we all have to keep our expectations in check. Still after weeks with no updates on this it's great to finally hear something.

    As for the Wiki, after dealing with annoying spam which has plagued the site recently. I'm about to post a few new article pages that I've slowly been writing over the last few weeks. Most of the delay was due to the Dungeons & Dragons page which went through way too many drafts, rewrites and revisions. I think it turned out great though and I'm hoping you all will like it as well.

    As always a big thanks to those who contributed an edit or two, the over 10K f…

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  • Ultimateatomicbuster

    Despite how dark it's gotten, I'm still hopeful it will happen.

    Click the link HERE for more ideas on how we can make our voices heard and make this a reality.

    To everyone who has visited this Wiki, especially those who contributed, thanks for the stopping by and please continue to support Community!

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  • Ultimateatomicbuster

    Awesome 50th anniversary special, loved it.
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  • Ultimateatomicbuster

    Online entertainment newsite Hit Fix reported on October 8th that the Season premieres of both Community and "Whitney" will be delayed until further notice. IMO, it sounds as NBC knows a few shows currently on the air are about to get the axe (I'm looking at you "Animal Practice") and want to see if any of the soon-to-be-vacant spots on thier schedule would be a better place to put "Community" then on Friday. See if you can decipher the official statement NBC just released:

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