FANDOM reports that Hulu is in preliminary talks to pick up Community for a possible sixth season. The talks are in the very early stages at this point so we all have to keep our expectations in check. Still after weeks with no updates on this it's great to finally hear something.

As for the Wiki, after dealing with annoying spam which has plagued the site recently. I'm about to post a few new article pages that I've slowly been writing over the last few weeks. Most of the delay was due to the Dungeons & Dragons page which went through way too many drafts, rewrites and revisions. I think it turned out great though and I'm hoping you all will like it as well.

As always a big thanks to those who contributed an edit or two, the over 10K fans who have been visiting this site on a daily basis and especially to all who have been actively campaigning in social media to bring the show back for another season.

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