Be aware of the Ides of March!!! Community is scheduled to return March 15th at it's old timerslot Thursday's at 8:00 according to the Los Angelels times article here and Dan Harmon's tweet here. To make room for the returning show the other comedies will be shuffled around with "30 Rock" taking the 8:30 timeslot. "Parks and Rec" will be taken off the air for a bit to return April 19th in the 9:30 timeslot once "Up all Night" finishes it's run. There is some hope to about the shows eventual fate acordding to this article here on The Warming Glow website. With ratings being as low as they are for evry NBC show averaging a 1.7 it's likely "Community" with an average of 1.6 before being put on haitus will be renewed. I really hope this to be true, while I may want six seasons and a movie I'll be more than statisfied if they just make it to four seasons. Cannot wait for March 15th!!!

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