So the official word from NBC is out, Community will be returning next year this time on the friday night schedule. While there are grumblings from the fandom about it being an abbreviated season of only 13 episodes it's great that the show is returning at all considering what the alternative might have been. I never believed it would actually be cancelled before the major storyline of the study group graduating is completed. That said, I still hold out hope that eventually NBC will eventually order a few more additional episodes. Even though the PTB haven't said it outright this probably will be the last season. The news that Dan Harmon might be leaving as showrunner is also distressing but I don't think the show will suffer creatively as it's confirmed he will be back in some capacity, possibly as a consultant. He did lay down the foundation of the show assembled a great group of actors and writrers so even if he's not Invloved on a daily basis like he was before I think the show could still do well. Six seasons and a movie may not seem possible now but I'm just glad to have another season to look forward to.

Ultimateatomicbuster 15:28, May 16, 2012 (UTC)

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