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Student ID
Portrayed by: Danielle Kaplowitz
First appearance: Intro to Political Science
Last appearance: "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"
Date of birth: Unknown
Home town: Denver, Colorado
Major: Dance
Occupation: Student

I always feel somehow ignored, almost invisible... like every time I go to say something, somebody just –

Vicki is a student at Greendale Community College where she majors in dance. Often, she finds herself ignored by her peers as she has a tendency to blend into the background. If pushed too far, she will occasionally get angry and fight back. In later seasons, she started to become more assertive and became a recognizable face around campus, thanks in large part to her relationship with her boyfriend Neil. She first appears in the Season Two episode "Intro to Political Science" and continues to make cameos throughout the rest of the series. She is portrayed by Danielle Kaplowitz.

Character historyEdit

Season TwoEdit

Yellow shirt...hat...

–Troy, "Intro to Political Science"

School year synopsis

During the 2010 semester of Greendale, Vice President Biden decided to visit Greendale on his tour of community colleges. A quick election was set up to determine the student body president and Vicki was accidentally selected to run. During a debate between the other candidates, Vicki was repeatedly insulted by Pierce until she dropped out of the race. Pierce revealed the only reason he ran was to get back at her for not lending him a pencil. She finally lent him a pencil by stabbing him in the face with one. Later, Vicki takes an acting class, but her attempts to stand out are ruined by Troy who steals her spotlight. She shyly flirted with Neil during an Anthropology class where Shirley later went into labor and gave birth to her son Ben. At the end of the 2011 school year, Vicki chooses not to participate in the paintball assassin organised by City College and took haven in the safe zone created by Pierce, entertaining the other refugees by table-dancing. She survivors an assault on the fort by a player called "The Black Rider" but finds herself unable to leave. Vicki eventually she joins up with a rebel alliance to fight off the City College invaders who joined the paintball contest. She is a part of Jeff's assault group to capture the invaders Paintball gatling gun. Although she was an enthusiastic participant, she was one of the first players eliminated in the first wave of the attack.

2010 - 2011 semester
"Intro to Political Science": Vicki is picked on by Pierce when she runs for student body president.

"Competitive Wine Tasting": Vicki takes an acting class and when asked by instructor Sean Garrity to talk about what pains her, she complains about feeling ignored by everyone. Before she can elaborate further, she is cut off by Troy.

"Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts": Vicki sat next to Neil in Anthropology class and the attraction between them was noticed by Pierce, who teased them about it. When a pregnant Shirley went into labor, Vicki lamented that they almost had a class that wasn't all about the study group.

"A Fistful of Paintballs": Vicki is a citizen of Fort Hawthorne located in the cafeteria who is paid in vending machine Twinkies to entertain the refugees by table dancing. She becomes one of the few survivors when a City College-sponsored player eliminates most of the fort's denizens. When asked by Annie why she didn't leave with the others, Vicki replies that she can't go back out there because "this is the only life I know".

"For A Few Paintballs More": Vicki joins an alliance of students to repel the City College paintball invaders who are trying to prevent them from winning the paintball prize. She is a part of an assault group led by Jeff whose job is to capture City College's paintball machine gun stronghold located on the campus quad. She makes a name for herself during the paintball war by cutting off Jeff's speech as he tries to rally the troops and leading the charge against the rival school's base. Although she ends up eliminated, she is present when Pierce wins the competition for Greendale and is seen celebrating the victory with Quendra, Magnitude, Star-Burns, and Garrett.

Season ThreeEdit

I don't...I didn't do it! I swear!

–Vicki, "Basic Lupine Urology"

School year synopsis

Vicki returned for another year at Greendale during the 2011 Fall semester. She enrolled in Biology 101 and Magnitude was made her partner for her first lab project. Thanks to his charisma, Professor Kane praised their presentation, although Vicki would later run into problems with a solo assignment. This was a result of her relationship with Neil, which had developed into a romantic one. Neil was eager for them to spend the summer together and took extraordinary measures to ensure she passed Biology. A scandal ensued due to his actions which prevented this from happening, as everyone in class was forced to retake the course. Vicki also attended a memorial service in the cafeteria being held in honor of the recently departed Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne. At the event the study group whipped the crowd into a frenzy an incited a riot. Vicki took part in the violence by helping to trash the new Subway restaurant. She was one of the many students there who ended up being assaulted by Sgt.Chang's security force the "Changlourious Basterds".

2011 - 2012 semester
The following year, she takes Biology 101 along with the study group. She and her lab partner, Magnitude, present their first assignment, a caterpillar terrarium, to the class; the teacher, Professor Marshall Kane, compliments them on a job well done. Later in the year, Vicki finds herself at the center of the mystery surrounding the sabotage of the study group's Biology yam project. She briefly becomes a suspect when it's revealed by Jeff that all the other students' projects have been tampered with except for Vicki's. Her boyfriend Neil quickly confesses that he was the one responsible; he manipulated the experiments' results, so that the grade curve for the project would be lowered, and Vicki's yam would receive a passing grade. His main motivation, beyond her passing the course, was to prevent Vicki from having to take summer school to make up for the class, allowing her to spend that time with Neil in his parents' cabin ("Basic Lupine Urology").

She was next seen in the cafeteria at a wake being held for the recently deceased Star-Burns. Because of Marshall Kane's resignation, all the students taking his course received an incomplete and were obliged to retake the course in summer school. The study group, and presumably Vicki as well, took this latest news very badly. Angry at the school, each group member took the opportunity to air their grievances and incite similar unrest in the students attending the wake. The pot-stirring ended with Pierce whose declaration inspired a full-blown riot to break out. Vicki helped to kick off the violence by picking up a trash can and smashing it into a glass display at the new Subway restaurant ("Course Listing Unavailable").

Season FourEdit

In her 2012 Fall semester at Greendale, Vicki and Neil were set to take the class "History of Ice Cream" together. However, they discovered that only a limited amount of seats were available when they arrived to class. Vicki managed to secure herself one, but Neil had to wait outside with a crowd of other students who got turned away. The dean then arrived and announced that someone counterfeited too many certificates for registration. In order to decide who would officially attend, he organized a competition called the "Hunger Deans". Both Neil and Vicki individually competed in the various events, hoping to win a spot. At one point, they teamed up to win a tango contest but were unable to beat Jeff who impressed the judge (who also happened to be his dance partner) Dean Pelton ("History 101").

Vicki later throws a Hallowe'en party and invites everyone in the study group except Pierce to attend ("Paranormal Parentage").


Vicki is currently in a relationship with Neil. The attraction apparently started in the episode "Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts". Pierce noticed it and bluntly asked them, "Are you two going to fall in love with each other or something?". Vicki is revealed to be officially dating Neil in Basic Lupine Urology. Neil went so far as to sabotage the other classmates' yam projects just for Vicki's sake, declaring "God help me, I did it for love!".

Class historyEdit

Student Rec
Student Name: Vicki Jenkins Major: Dance Enrolled: 2011 —
Semester Course Instructor Enrolled Students
Spring 2011 The Actor Inside Prof. Sean Garrity Troy Barnes, Vicki Jenkins, Garrett Lambert and Britta Perry
Anthropology 102 Dr. Ian Duncan Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Ben Chang, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Vicki Jenkins, Abed Nadir, Fat Neil, Rich Stephenson, Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne, Britta Perry and Jeff Winger
Spring 2012 Biology Prof. Marshall Kane Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Todd Jacobson, Vicki Jenkins, Abed Nadir, Magnitude, Britta Perry, Jeff Winger and  Fat Neil 
Fall 2012/
Spring 2013
Drama Prof. Sean Garrity Vicki Jenkins and Garrett Lambert


I always feel somehow ignored, almost invisible... like every time I go to say something, somebody just-Vicki
My Uncle put his finger in my no-no!Troy
Yellow shirt... hat... girl...Troy

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