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Señor Chang enters

CD Cover
  ♫Yi Shui Ge  
CD Cover

◄  Album : Community soundtrack  -  Performed by: Unknown  ►
  Composed by: Jing Ke  -  First heard: "Modern Warfare"

Buenos Dias children! You'll be happy to know you made it all the way to the end!
— Señor Chang

Señor Chang shoots
Assassinator El Tigre
In the study group's first year at Greendale, they participated in the annual paintball competition for a special prize. However, Dean Pelton couldn't realistically provide the reward he promised to the winner. In order to make sure no one claimed it, he sent in paintball ringer Ben Chang to compete. Chang made short work of the few remaining competitors and was left with two final opponents: Jeff and Britta. Once he found them, he boldly swaggered into the study room with his paintball weapon. A musical piece accompanied his entrance featuring the Chinese poem "Yi Shui Ge ". The song was first heard in the Season One episode "Modern Warfare." The song appears on the Community soundtrack as part of track 14 titled "Episode 119 Medley".

The song with lyricsEdit

Señor Chang Entrance00:33

Señor Chang Entrance

Feng xiao xi
Yi shui han
Zhuang shi yī qù xi.
Bu fu huan!


Original poem in Chinese Translation in English

The wind soughs and sighs, alas
The Yi River is chilly
The hero leaves, alas
And will not return

Chinese character Chinese word English word
zhuang shi
strong hero
qù xi
to go
to return


Poem originEdit

The poem's origin is from the period in China's history from around 227 B.C. which involved the Seven Warring States. At the time Qin Shi Huang, Emperor of the Qin state, was trying to unify all of China under his rule by conquering the other six territories. Crown Prince Dan of the Yan state and a swordsman called Jing Ke hatched a plot to assassinate Emperor Qin. After finalizing the details, Jing Ke set off to personally carry out the mission. Prince Dan and his friends wished him farewell by the Yi River. Before leaving, Jing Ke recited a poem he composed called "Yi Shui Ge" ("The Song of the Yi River"). The song suggests Jing Ke believed he probably would not survive his mission. His instincts proved correct and he died while unsuccessfully trying to complete the assasination. Despite the outcome, Jing Ke eventually became a revered figure in China's history. He inspired poems, stories and in modern times various TV shows and films based on his legend.

Assassinator Jing Ke poster
Chinese "Assassinator Jing Ke" TV show poster

External linkEdit

Modernist Aesthetics in Taiwanese Poetry Since The 1950s, page 158

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